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An extreme aerotrekking club

Aerotrekking is the sport of long distance (greater than 50 miles), low altitude (less than 50 feet), open-air kite-plane flying. See The American Aerotrekking Society for a detailed description of the sport.

Extreme aerotrekking is low altitude flying on level 5 routes, as defined by the national society. These routes include narrow, twisting canyons (less than 300 feet wide at their narrowest) that require bank angles in excess of 45 degrees in order to negotiate, and climb rates in excess of 400 feet per minute, at 50 mph, in order to clear barriers or to exit the canyon (from the point that the barrier is first observable). Extreme routes are for extreme pilots only.

The Canyon Runners have been creating and flying extreme trek routes for three years, with no injury accidents. We have 23 members and operate from Animus, New Mexico, just 20 miles from the fabled Rodeo Plains. We have created a number of routes that rank in the level 3 and level 4 category, as well as a large number of level 5 routes. Aside from the Sky Gypsies, we are the only other level 5 aerotrekking club in America.

The pictures on this page are from our treks, and show a variety of route segments and difficulties.


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