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Level 5 routes should not be attempted by any except the most experienced and confident pilots. Even the most experienced pilots should not attempt to fly such a route on their own, without coaching from someone who has flown the route before.

You can't know what's around the corner in a tight canyon, and boulders, steep rises, walls and other barriers can create a dangerous situation if you are not familiar with the canyon and are flying at the wrong altitude.

Always attend trek briefings, held by a trekker experienced with the route, prior to embarking. Memorize described landmarks - GPS systems seldom work deep between canyon walls and should not be counted on. Stay within visual distance of the person leading the trek. If there is any uncertainty, begin a climb out of the canyon and save the trek for another day.

Following this stream looks like easy going, yet around the next bend to the left is a sheer rock wall that requires a steep bank in order to avoid.

Exact altitude and speed are required to safely navigate this river canyon.

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